Thanksgiving Invitation 
Request: Use the wording "Give Thanks"

After some research, I found that the phrase "In all things give thanks" was popular on Pinterest for wall art and general quotes, and I thought it would translate well here.

I hand-lettered the phrase using an Aquash brush, combined it with kraft paper for warmth, and tucked leaves into the text for visual interest and a nod to fall.

This is currently our top-selling Thanksgiving Invitation.

Birth Announcement
Request: Designer's Choice – Birth Announcement for a Boy

With this open-ended request, I was able to play around with the woodsy trend that is so popular with the consumer market right now.

I used kraft paper to make a clean yet rustic background for the text fields, shaping it into simple silhouettes of pine trees that create visual interest while framing the photo. I lettered the headline to sit within the silhouette of a bear and drew arrows that double as text dividers. A touch of iconic Buffalo Plaid borders the bottom and covers the backside.

This Announcement was a finalist in Stationery Trends' Trendy Awards.

Birthday Party Invitation
Request: Incorporate a painted pattern

Inspired by both traditional tribal and loose geometric patterns, I used watercolor paint and a modern color palette to create this pattern. I drew with a simple, casual style of handwriting for the header of this set so that the bright, fun background is the primary focus.

Because this pattern was so well-liked, it has been leveraged across other Vistaprint products, such as stationery, business cards and marketing materials, mugs, and posters.

Holiday Card
Request: Designer's Choice

Since the request for this card was completely open-ended, I decided to try something a bit more off-beat and combine paper elements with real life elements.

To create the imagery for this card, I cut and folded paper into the shapes of leaves, petals, sprigs, and feathers, and then scanned them into the computer. Using Photoshop, I manipulated the scanned pieces and integrated them with poinsettias and greenery to tie in some traditional Christmas elements and colors. The result is an eye-catching, unique, and visually dynamic design.

Baby Shower Invitation
Request: Use the phrase "twinkle, twinkle little star"

When making this card I wanted to take a fresh approach to the phrase from the classic lullaby. I used a photo of star-shaped confetti and integrated some hand-lettering. By layering the confetti both above and below the text, I created a fun, multidimensional-looking design.

This invitation was a finalist in Stationery Trends' Trendy Awards.

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