Facebook Album
Photographer: Karin Dailey; Stylist: Caroline Mauro; Copywriter: Kelly Hamilton
For Valentine's Day, we put together this series of date looks. We have found that albums tend to have a very high engagement rate.

Photographer: Karin Dailey; Stylist: Caroline Mauro; Copywriter: Susie Kostaras

Posts that have engaging content leading to the blog tend to perform well. This post did well because it offered something to the reader – click through to learn about the fragrance wheel and find your signature scent

Facebook Contests
Copywriter: Kelly Hamilton

We created a series of product showdown contests as part of our Social Holiday Campaign, as you can imagine, they performed very well.

Quotes that are relatable, sharable, and on-brand perform very well.

Copywriter: Kelly Hamilton

This post was during winter storm Juno – a huge storm that was all over social media. What made this post perform highly was that it was very current and that it offered a playful interpretation of a situation that was affecting so many people

Since the Superbowl is so widely watched, it was important for us to make a relevant post – not to mention Rue La La's home team was in the big game.
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