Customer Shopping Flow Series
I used a fun, hand drawn look as a nod to doodling & writing in notebooks, paired with a continuation of their space theme and a minimal color palette to make the notebooks could pop.

Abandon Browse Email – when a shopper has looks around but hasn't taken an action, it directs them to a quiz to figure out which notebook is right for them.

Abandon Cart Email - when the customer likes an item and adds it to their cart, then leaves the page without purchasing - this goes out to remind them to buy it.

Product Review Email – after a purchase, shoppers receive this email encouraging them to post a (good) review for their notebook, while leaving an option to get in contact if there are issues.

Ad Hoc Emails

Help Center Email – this email was sent to customers providing resources for help, tips, and tricks to get the most out of the product. I wanted this design to be straightforward and clear so that people could get the information they were looking for. I achieved this by using a clean, strong text layout, helpful photos, and direct CTAs, while using the space theme to make it a bit more fun.

A/B Testing New Product Email
for Rocketbook's new product, the Lined Everlast Notebook, we did two different approaches to see what would perform better. Interestingly, the second concept here, with the hand-drawn elements outperformed the simple, clean, structured concept.

First Concept: the lower performer, this concept used a structured layout with photography of the actual product and simple typography.

Second Concept: the higher performer, this concept used the book as the actual product as the frame for the email and had a hand-drawn theme.

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